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Liner Notes

Technical Notes

No space age bachelor pad tribute would be complete without technical notes. Those details about studios, microphones, frequency curves, and tape machines were as much a part of the genre as the gaudy covers and right-left channel games. The following is a compilation of just some of the many, many technical details included in exotica albums.

This recording was made in

  • Studio A of United Recording Corporation in Hollywood, California
  • Bell Sound, New York City
  • Webster Hall, New York City
  • Symphony Hall, Chicago
  • RCA Studios, Hollywood, California

The following microphones were used for maximum brilliance and presence

  • Telefunken U-47, U-48, KM-54, KM-56, M-49
  • Neumann KM-56 condenser type
  • RCA 44-BX, 77-DX
  • Beyer M-160
  • Western Electric 633A
  • Electro Voice 650, 655, 665, 666 dynamic type
  • Telefunken KM-56
  • Shure #645

The signals were fed into a

  • Custom two-channel, 6 position stereo console

The inputs were fed into

  • Langevin preamplifiers

Controlled by

  • Cinema potentiometers

The session was recorded on

  • Ampex 350
  • Ampex 301
  • Ampex 300-2
tape recorders, and

The master was cut with a

  • Westrex model 3-C cutting head
  • Westrex 45/45 cutting head
  • BBC Grampian Feedback Cutting Head

Mounted on a fully automatic

  • Scully lathe

This recording can be played on either stereo or mono equipment.

For best results, please observe the RIAA curve.



No needles are permanent. Some last much longer than others but all should be changed from time to time to safeguard your record collection.

Comparative Life of Needle Stylus

Highest initial cost but cheapest by far in the long run. Will last 50 to 100 times longer than sapphire needle.

Good performance--will last 3 to 10 times longer than Osmium.

Satisfactory and inexpensive. Be sure to change quite often.

S p a c e  A g e  P o p  M u s i c
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