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Liner Notes

Great Liner Notes Prose

One of the great pleasures of listening to exotica and space age pop music is sitting back on the couch and savoring a great LP cover along with the music. In this spirit, we present the following samples of great liner note prose.

One calm spring night, having wined and dined, having wandered to the terrace of his apartment from which point the city of London seems to rest easily on a bed of soft lights and sounds, and having found in the air a slight fragrance of jasmine and a touch of romance, a man closed his eyes and dreamed of Woman: incessantly captivating, eternal, without beginning or end, unspeakably beautiful. And she came to him twelve times, and each time she was changed, each time she appeared she wore a new face, a new dress, a new personality; but he loved her each time she came to him: he loved her when she appeared personified as "temptation," with dark eyes flashing and bright red lips bent on passion, committed to sensual provocation, destined to rule by desire and ruin by annulment; ... and of Chloe, what of Chloe? Lost, never to be found? What of Chloe? Do we weep or do we laugh and turn away? ... and Jezebel, the temptress, her beauty matched only by her thirst and passion for evil--and he watched her. And, as with all the others, he felt he knew them: they moved him and they tempted him--all of them, all twelve. The man came out of his reverie to put it down on paper, to breathe into the music the character essence of each siren, to make them live in the music as they had lived in his dream.

That's when John Keating created this special and superb LP.

--from Temptation, The John Keating Orchestra and Singers, London Phase 4 SP44019

Shut off that old transistor, mister, Anita's in another world. Purge thy soul of ching-ching-a-ching-ching. Concentrate on taking one lovely musical line and turning it into one classic-all-time-championship-top-ten-doodle. DoodDdDdle went her arrangements ... arrangements that would be almost heretical in the revved up Hollywood-hip studios where she was to record. (Violinists, gazing over the charts, would weep--"Glissandos, Herbie, glissandos!") (And there was to be one frightened looking sideman, shoved to one corner, sitting at--can it be??--a harpsichord!)

--from Slightly Baroque, The Anita Kerr Singers, Warner Brothers W-1665

The mood is mod ... Morton Gould a la mod.

Here the maestro is in a mod, mod, mod, mod whirl inspired by the rocking rhythms and swinging songs--the hit songs--of the "now" generation ... the Junioration.

--from Morton Gould Makes the Scene, RCA Victor LSP-3771

New musical aggregations are certainly nothing unusual, so when one arrives on the scene it had better have something to say or its tenure in a recording studio will be very short-lived. For Trombones Unlimited, the door will remain open....

--from Big Boss Bones, Liberty LST-7494

In his many personal appearances, the romantic and personable Lyman has had particular appeal for feminine listeners of all ages. This charm is a sort of personal magnetism accented by a movie idol appearance, but without any particular intent, and unaccompanied by the twisting and carrying on of the many popular purposeful charmers. Obviously Arthur Lyman gets through to girls young and old; in fact to everyone, with much natural personal appeal and sensual sounds.

--from I Wish You Love, Hi-Fi Records L1009

Warning: Check with physician before using. Do not play in automobile or similar type vehicles. Use in quiet surroundings.

--from Lose Weight Through Self-Hypnosis

... am dispatching a new agent, April Dancer, to work separately from 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' in the fight against T.H.R.U.S.H. This 'Girl From U.N.C.L.E.' will be accompanied by Mark Slate and she shall have music wherever she goes.--Stan Levine

--from The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., Teddy Randazzo

The semantics of keeping track of the sound from a book-keeping point of view were kind of testy in that many of the sounds have no natural counterparts, so we coined neo-names to enable communication: e.g., the Gworgan, which is a Gwirped organ. ... The Pagwipe sounds like a ferocious, leaky bagpipe. The Jivehive sounds like a gegaton of bees all swarming in tune. And there is the dread Moogoboe. And the Sweetswoop...--Norman Dolph

--from Switched-On Rock, The Moog Machine

What you see is a panel of a Moog Synthesizer and small pretty colored lights looking soft against the hard black surface and the computer like dials. You see also a 960 program sequencer which has rhythm waiting in its circuits. ...but where is the sheet music? There is none, for this is a new music and so it is a spontaneous happening.--Jacques Wilson

--from The Wozard Of Iz, Mort Garson

This is a today album that will be around tomorrow and quite a few days after.--Dom Cerulli

--from Switched-On Bacharach, Christopher Scott

This unusual package is designed to create excitement, stir emotions and kindle your imagination - so put the record on the turntable, turn up the volume, and control yourself.

Warning: Keep in a cool place.--Faith Whitehall

--from Fever and Smoke, The Three Suns

Not long ago, a lady walked past a tall building in New York City, looked up and, forgetting her ladylike composure, did a quick double-take. What she saw was a huge grand piano scampering up the side of the building, quickly followed by another. Any self-respecting hi-fi or stereo fan could have told her that Ferrante and Teicher were in town.--Rick Ward

--from Blast Off!, Ferrante and Teicher

April has introduced a new style of sexy singing to the music world, but her natural naivete prevents her from understanding the excitement over it. 'Everybody tells me my singing sounds sexy,' she said. 'I really don't know why. I've been singing like that all my life, since I was seven.' But a comment from one of her many fan letters explains her appeal best. 'Your voice sounds as though you had a throat full of angora sweaters,' the letter reads. 'Other girl vocalists sing, but you actually talk to a guy and boy, the things you say!

--from Teach Me Tiger!, April Stevens

Listening to the music of Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band is, to be truthful, an unnerving experience. It is not unlike watching a 3-D movie without the special spectacles, or carrying on a conversation under water.

--from Delirium In Hi-Fi, Andre Popp

Still can find the Land of the 1000 Guitars? Baby, you're out of your bird. You've been there for the last 26:16 minutes while Buddy's been socking it to you with wild guitar sounds. Maybe you haven't covered much ground, but you've been moving a lot, right? This trips's a groove ... you'll want to go again, so just flip.

--from Land of a Thousand Guitars, Buddy Merrill

Bach is a groove on this instrument, but it's got other colors in its electronic palette of sound. The world needs love, and this Moog Synthesizer can get with the heart and flowers scene like crazy. This Is The Happy Moog!

--from The Happy Moog, Breuer/Perrey

Here are a dozen electronic pop tunes. They are the electrifying good-time music of the coming age, the switched-on dance music that will soon be it. This is the lively answer to the question that puzzles - and who knows, even frightens - people who have heard the serious electronic compositions of recent years and wonder, is this the music of the future? As for that avant-garde wing, we say more power to it. But there are other things in the future, such as pleasure. And so presented here is the electronic 'Au Go Go' that might be heard soon from the juke boxes at the interplanetary way stations where space ships make their rest stops. The idiom is strange and yet familiar; here a touch of rock, there a touch of bosa nova, a whiff of the blues in on piece and a whiff of Tchaikowsky in another. But these atoms of pop music are exploded into fresh patterns. They outline a strange new sound world, yet one in which we can feel at home. The future is upon us, they say, and the future is fun."

--from The In Sound From Way Out, Perrey-Kingsley

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