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Ken Griffin

  • Born 28 December 1909, Columbia, Missouri
  • Died 11 March 1956, Chicago, Illinois

Ken GriffinThe most successful, yet stylistically the least interesting organist of the 1950s. Griffin recorded a slew of albums, mostly for Columbia, and had Top 40 pop hits with his covers of "The Anniversary Song" and "You Can't Be True, Dear." The latter reportedly sold something like 3.5 million copies, but the funny thing is that the hit version was actual a dub of vocals by singer Jerry Wayne over a copy of the tune recorded by Griffin as an instrumental number for skating rinks.

For a more reverent tribute, check out the Ken Griffin Memorial Page

Recordings (Courtesy of Dave Roemersberger)

  • Anniversary Songs, Columbia CL 586
  • Skating Time, Columbia CL 610
  • Lost In A Cloud, Columbia CL 662
  • The Organ Plays At Christmas, Columbia CL 692
  • 67 Melody Lane, Columbia CL 724
  • Crusing Down The River, Columbia CL 761
  • You Can't Be True, Dear, Columbia CL 907
  • Love Letters In The Sand, Columbia CL 1039
  • Ken Griffin's Latin Americana, Columbia CL 1042
  • Hawaiian Magic, Columbia, CL 1062
  • Lets Have A Party (And Everybody Sing), Columbia CL 1127
  • Moonlight And Roses, Columbia CL 1207
  • Remembering, Columbia CL 1289
  • Ken Griffin Plays Romantic Waltzes For
  • Listening-Dancing-Skating,ColumbiaCL1365
  • Sweet And Lively, Columbia CL 1411
  • On The Happy Side, Columbia CL 1518
  • To Each His Own, Columbia CL 1599
  • The Enduring Hymns (with Kirby Griffin), Columbia CL 1645
  • The Sparkling Touch, Columbia CL 1709
  • Sugar 'N' Spice, Columbia CL 1811
  • Ken Griffin's Greatest Hits, Columbia CL 2717
  • The Best Of Ken Griffin, Columbia G 30552 (Two Record Set)
  • Sentimental Journey, Harmony HS 11329
  • Great Organ Favorites, Harmony H 31028
  • You Can't Be True Dear, Rondo-Lette A-1
  • Sentimental Me, Rondo-Lette A-17
  • Ken Griffin AT The Great Organ, Rondo-Lette A-30
  • Christmas Organ And Chimes, Rondo-Lette A-40

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