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Don Baker

  • Born 26 February 1903, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
  • Died 26 June 1989, Leesburg, Florida

Baker studied music at Mount Royal College and the Toronto Conservatory before starting a long career as a theatre organist. He moved to New York City and worked as house organist for the Rivoli, the Rialto, and finally the Paramount, over a period of 22 years, interrupted only by a year at a major theatre in London in 1933-34. Baker also dabbled in songwriting, with titles like, "You're the Only Pebble on the Beach." In the late 1950s, he became a touring artist for Conn Organs, and recorded at least one album for Capitol. Baker's rendition of "The Third Man Theme" is included in Capitol's "Ultra Lounge" compilation, "Organs in Orbit."

Recordings (Courtesy of Dave Roemersberger)

  • Organ Music, Remington RLP-1006 (10"LP)
  • Popular Dance Tunes, Halo 50221
  • Organ In Pop Dance Tempos, Rondo-lette A-10
  • Don Baker At The New York Paramount, Harmony HL-7021
  • Organ Moods For Listening, Capitol T-612
  • Far Away Music, Capitol T-797
  • Medley Time, Capitol T-997
  • Cocktail Hammond, Capitol T-1099
  • Sophisticated Pipes, Capitol T-1171
  • Hammond For Dancing, Capitol T-1357
  • Bakers Dozen, Capitol T-1363
  • The Sound Of 94 Speakers, Capitol T-1626
  • Sound Showcase, Capitol ST-1908
  • The Great Songs From The Motion Pictures, Kapp KS-3411
  • Electronic Pipes, Concert Recording CR-E056
  • Farewell To The Paramount, Concert Recording CR-0066
  • Homecoming, Concert Recording CR-0113
  • Don Baker Vol. One, Concert Recording CR-0173
  • Don Baker Vol. 2 The Birmingham, Concert Recording CR-174
  • Curtain Time, Concert-Disc CS-201
  • Rise 'N Shine, Ara S-3832
  • Organ Magic, Reader's Digest Albums, RCA Custom RD RD4-207

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